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Kevin organized everything.… Read more “Organized everything”

Tina Clark
Clark Restaurant Supply
June 2017

He is a good guy to have around in a crisis.… Read more “A good guy to have around”

May 2017

I would recommend him to anyone starting up a business.… Read more “A trustworthy advisor”

Beer Nation
April 2017

We recommend him wholeheartedly!… Read more “He delivered on time”

Hitaka Nakamura
April 2017

I know I can count on him.… Read more “The extra mile”

Ellen Bradley
April 2017

His attention to detail is what separates him from the rest.… Read more “A cut above”

Aatik Tasneem
The EXIM Conference
April 2017

He was able to step in really quickly.… Read more “Ended our payroll nightmare”

Birchley Advertising
May 2017

He made sure everything was good to go.… Read more “Sorted out the whole mess”

Juanita Espinosa
June 2017

Kevin just made it happen for us.… Read more “No more headache”

Mbele Oyelowo
May 2017

He worked hard and fast with us to pull things around.… Read more “A total professional”

May 2017